Hey everybody, and thanks for spending a few minutes with me, I cannot believe it is already my favorite time of year. The weather is finally starting to cool down and I have reached in the very back the deep darkest part of my closet wiped off the cobwebs and pulled out my sweaters, and now I’m ready to have some fall time. Fun. A Wind Creek At Wind, Creek Atmore.

You have your chance to win a share of $ 10,000 in cold hard cash in their Turkey Showdown On Saturday November 10th. Five players will be drawn each hour to win free play or advance to the final round where they have a chance to win up to $ 10,000 in cash. Next, we’ll check in with our expert Wade Howard, where he has some details on a new way to win over a Wind, Creek Wetumpka, take it away, Wade Hi, I’m Wade, Howard.

I love talking to our guests and hearing what they have to say and what you’ve been asking for is some bigger and better prizes from Oncasinogames Canada. Well, we got the thing for you, it’s this bank right here, its the You Win. You Pick bank. What we’ve done is we’ve taken the top award and we’ve allowed you to pick what prize you’d like to win, whether it’s a dream vacation, whether it’s a fisherman’s dream package or a Motorsports dream package plus, if you hit that top award, you win $ 1,000 on The spot and if there’s something else you’d like to see listed in our top prizes, just enter your comments below we would love to hear from you now remember, come on down, give it a shot on the you win. You pick it bank.

I hope to see you then thanks Wade for that awesome information. As always – and you don’t forget to put your dream list of prizes in the comment section on our YouTube or Facebook pages and since it’s the first show of November, we’ll do something a little special we’re randomly drawing three commenters names to win 50 Free entries that Win Creek Wetumpka it ain’t over till it’s Rover promotion where you could be the lucky winner to drive off in a 2019 Range Rover. Well, that’s about it for the show, but before we go, we want to congratulate Lori, who was the winner of win Creek at mores, Jeepers Creepers, promote now, that’s one awesome ride November is starting out with a bang here at Wind Creek.

So why don’t you join us in on your winning moment? See ya thanks for watching the show we love to hear from you. So give us a comment below also don’t forget to like and share and be sure to subscribe. So you don’t miss a thing and click that little bell, so you can get notified when we post new videos see you next time.