Now here’s a situation that happened the other night in the Borgata 5-10 game. Its the must move game and the solid player on my left has been replaced by a rich outgoing businessman who admittedly loves to play poker for fun.

He’s a great guy, laughing, chatting, and generally a nice guy to have at your table not only for the fact that he is very friendly, but he calls down an awful lot and will call raises with some suspect holdings. Also tends to not raise preflop. So he’s exactly the kind of guy you want on your table.

I get a hand against him. he limps UTG and 3 other people limp and I check my option with 23o in the BB.

Flop comes As 2c 2d
I lead for $40. He calls, everyone else folds.

Turn Ks
I lead for $100.00 he says “I have a monster , better be careful!”
“very good sir”, I reply as he simply calls the 100.

River 7s
“I say since you have a monster I’ll only bet 250.” He thinks and calls and shows Ac Kc and I take down the pot. He laughs, pats me on the shoulder and gives me a snickers bar.

Now here’s where the story goes. A young guy in the 7 seat is obviously a decent player but he’s young and cocky and a “table coach” and an extremely sore loser. Our hero the business man calls his raise in the BB with A5s flop comes A75 and he takes like 750 off of the kid’s AK. Kid starts with the table coaching. How do you call that down and he’s getting the guy upset. I shoot him a glare and I talk to my new friend and calm him down quickly and tell him he’s just a kid and doesn’t know anything. Its okay. He says ‘”Yeah Bunky, you’re right. Lets play some poker”

I get moved to the main game which sucked BTW. And after about 1.5 hours I get up to leave and on my way to cash out I see my new friend on the 10-20 limit table. He flags me over to chit chat and I say “what are you doing over here? How did you do over there?” He took another huge pot off the kid to the tune of about 1600 and the kid goes off again.