what is this Excel files and how our cup, the numbers yeah this – might fight the other men fight for the playground right, and this often I play you know yes, for example, for example, and stop by and so to you. So the 2900, can you do the remaining inside really runny? Yes, can you do in real money?

The training you want to do by now? Yes, yes, show me exactly from from first step to less than what you are doing. Okay, okay, then it’s to recession, but not first. I have to open them down.

Go and do your thing, I’m watching! I’M not talking! I’M only watching and you explain you what you are doing yeah so now. First, I have to open my in my casino already. So I open my casino right, yes slow.

We have put her on the phone screens because you know I put here. I didn’t yes, because you know and yes just the expertise right, but I need I take a new one, the blink on okay, i duplicate them. I can name them whenever I want alright so, but I don’t need to put here I put in their money info check out how much money I have so d7000 one hour training at the account at the moment. Ok. 37,000.

100. More trendy! Ok, that’s right! So then, I see here, 40,000 120, because my go on.

You see ya, go where is gold? Ah, yes, so he’s showing you exactly even the gold. Yes, ok here shows me. Obviously maximum position is the maximum to the lower part is the minimum. So this ability is the maximum. Let me give motive more.

This is the max okay. This is the min okay. So I see the range when I playing, for example, in a play yeah and before so the minimum was this: the next one feels right or false, and the idea can connect them.

The minimum was the next semester’s for many ministers vanish just arrange for a plane right. These are the numbers, so whatever a go back the new one so anyway, so why communion will be showing you the same 37,000? Why is not showing you 35,000 or 30 or 29,000, the minimum at the moment because it didn’t create yet because now the minimum next was the same, because it didn’t stop playing okay, the woman there’s a new sheet right. Yes, so the zero money player. So there’s no Mexican maximum minimum the same right. Okay, it’s logical right!

All right! Well, you know magical, because you need to explain exactly how you are doing voluntary right. This was the minimum. Is there the minimum voice? I’M gon na spend 10 euros in Europe.

Then you see ya, he’s the minimum is 10 euro. That’S right! Yes, okay, okay and the maximum is still the same right.

And if I didn’t for the map in one module, then you see the maximum is follow me. Mama yo more men will say the same right. Okay, I understand got it yes got it, let’s do it? Okay, so that’s that and now I am going back to the casino open my can you open roulette or you play on this one.

I cannot because they can open it. Okay, I understand I can only open this, so you thought that the neck and the Safari or whatever I don’t know what to reason. Maybe this because I’m in China – I don’t know so whatever so I’m opening this trick.

Sometime, see, then, is not so fun. How do you check out? Did you cash?

Did you cash out money, always always? Okay? So today you have played again. Yes, okay, I feel already three times we have so much money on now. Otherwise, it’s already always not so much today.

I stopped it by solvent something 29. Okay. Now, let’s go okay, the numbers everything the same and from that spin, let’s go to them 35, you, but this is a this. Is the thing against correct?

Kills you mm-hmm? You know there are over the last few days. There are some improvements. What you need to what you will do in this system.

There are some improvements now, of course, of course, of course, this is just is just new discovery. Thanks to Dan, you got a lot of improvements. I appoint open a little bit. The excel file go to the excel file a little bit here.

I believe that you can continue to make even six thousand nine thousand euro in one session. You don’t have call, of course, is true. Now, look I am making everyday over 10,000 or I catch all everything here, the wrong night of the euro. Later on today, I Auto cash out. I still 51,000 weekend cold night of the sweet old, 3000. 3000.

Yes and different bank accounts – I do it every day and this this look I meet and from September 6 from September 6 to 13. Okay, I make a thousand or okay go. Go to to history. Payments in your premium account go to that casino.

You know and show something which you can show show me in the the cashing out the cash outs he stated rate, nor doesn’t sir, was catching on it. It the history journal stops no text. Oh, let’s go story works on the phone September 6 from beginning from beginning from August.

When you start oh wait. Let’S do this! Just let’s do this! It’S okay!

You folks! I’M here see yes make from beginning from July when you starting with me, because you never cash out money from casinos. Remember when you told me that the first two thousand and five hundred euros you cash out with me, there are no put all yes put put everything from history from from beginning from from junior.

Yes, all right, like that, okay, my friends, let me see the history right. This was all first show me again. Show show, show yes, there’s nice great, my friend, you are a good student man, of course, so it’s possible okay, my friend there’s a good job. What you do keep going like that we talk tomorrow and we yeah talk about total morbid to the next step. Blank.

Yes, the next step. Okay, but you see the system also works right. Yes, I know yes, but but I just covered it because I was, I was calculating all the things right. Yes and I and I and I discovered that this is the best. I couldn’t believe myself, but you know but but but I could see I always move in.

If I do that, I know this but it, but it is to a stranger, cuz, very strange, but is working.