Once upon a time there lived a casual CS:GO player named John. He was a very bad player. Until the day his friend gave him the almighty P90 Sand Spray. After this day everything changed for John. He started to enjoy the game a lot more plus his skills were getting better and better.

At this point, John knew he wanted to get some more new skins. This is heavily requested video by you, so today I am going to show you how to easily get free skins with your mobile phone. So, you can earn those skins wherever you want to. This video is sponsored by SkinSilo as they let me to show you their mobile app. And they also helped me to provide two amazing giveaways for you..

So, with this video I am giving away 100 000 credits on their site, which is the worth of this nice knife over here. If you want to win this knife – subscribe with notifications on, like the video and comment your trade link under the video. I will pick one winner in about three days and as usual announce the winner on my Twitter. Plus, there will be another great giveaway for you, but I will explain it in the end of the video with the link in the description. Hey guys, NadeKing here.

In today’s video, I will show you how you can get free skins using only your mobile phone. It means you can earn free skins everywhere – at any time. Download the app SkinSilo. It is available for both iPhones in App store and Androids in the Google Play store. They, of course, have a website skinsilo.com where you can do the same, but since earning skins with your mobile phone is more exclusive and you can do it really anywhere you want to this video will focus on phones. Once you have downloaded the app, log in with your Steam account and the first thing you want to do is.

You can follow me right away. Come to this Rewards section, scroll a bit down, insert the code “nadeking” and you get immediately 250 credits to your balance. Easy free skins. Here you can see other rewards as well, for example you can collect your 100 credits right away, since you installed the mobile app.

Now from the menu itself, you can see there is a chat room. Get skins section where you can exchange your credits to skins, by the way you can withdraw both CS:GO and PUBG skins right now. Of course it goes from the low priced skins till the high tier skins and you can’t just miss the Dragon Lore. And Howl as well. But in order to withdraw you need to earn some credits.

I already told you some quick and easy ways how can you get your first credits, but here you can find more and more methods how to earn credits and therefore get skins. For example, I will download this game called.. Lords mobile. Never heard of that one.

Now I am downloading this with my bad wifi here, it takes some time. I got the game, it said I have to open it. Lets go, seems nice, although I will never play this one. But as you can see I got my credits, now I have 170 credits within seconds. Easy as that.

And there are a lot more options to earn credits.. I will let you explore these yourself. Let’s check the leaderboard as well, so when you seriously start collecting those credits.. you can get to the leaderboard. Here you can see weekly top5.

My rank right now is.. awful in the right top corner, but you can do definitely better. By the way when you win this weekly top you get 15 000 credits. This should be a great motivation. And this is how simple it actually is.. earn credits and get skins. Of course if you get in trouble you can always contact with their support team or they even have here “missing credits” section which can help you too. So, keep in mind to grab your easiest first credits by using my code “nadeking” here.

This will give you a great start to browse around here for more. Really easy to use app and the best thing about this, is that you can earn those credits wherever you want to. You can even do it in pool. And now as I promised, we are also hosting another giveaway with Skinsilo.

This takes place on Gleam. I will put the link in the description. We are giving away a Karambit Marble Fade and as usual on Gleam you can do different tasks there to participate in it, the more you do, the better is your opportunity to win, so make sure to check the description if you want to win yourself a Karambit knife. Anywayz, I hope you enjoyed this video and it helped people who are trying to get their first cool skins to their inventory.. now you know that you can earn your skins whenever and wherever. By the way this was my first video on this channel, where I used the real-life footage.

Maybe there will be more of that in the future.. never know. We will see you in the next video. Thanks for watching! Now is the best time to click on the next video.