I’m curious as to how normally really sane solid players seem to stack off with one pair hands against looser players that have an aggressive streak. I’m not talking the stone cold maniac, but just someone who plays more hands, defends blinds stronger than most and can and will put you to decisions and has good reading ability. Someone like yours truly.

I get a loose reputation and for the most part its true. I do play more hands than most but not by an extreme margin. (its not you can put me on any 2) Yet, I seem to give some other players fits in the bigger NL games.

It just seems different as there are some really tight aggressive players in the NLHE games and they play pretty much tight all the time. But for me, I have to really be gambling or really go out of my way to lose money to these players. You always know where you’re at in a hand against them. The loose aggressive player on the other hand can give you some fits as the range of hands is much much wider.

Its when the loose aggresive player hits strong hands its hard to give him or her credit. For example, I had a hand last night against a player who is a good player, we’ve played in the past and he doesn’t get out of line, but I do have a rep of raising people more than average and getting the money in on some draws. I’m sure this played a part in his decision to go to the wall here.

Opponent is on the button in a 4 or 5 handed game 2-4 NL. Opponent has around 180.

Opponent raises to $14.00, Sb folds Bunky calls with 22.

Flop As Ts 2c

Bunky checks, opponent bets $16.00, bunky smooth calls.

Turn 6h
Bunky bets $56.00, opponent calls.

River Qc
Bunky sets him all in. Opponent calls.

Hand history doesn’t even show the folded hand by opponent. Had to have a big ace though. AK-AT for a big one pair or 2 pair. Was literaly opponents 5th or 6th hand at the table as well. I don’t knwo what the opponent had but if he had 2 pair, he didn’t play it so bad. Because if I don’t have it (the set) he gives me the opportunity to bluff it off if I’m feeling frisky.