I don’t care And I’m just I’m just waiting until the server pops up Yeah, this is gonna be really fun ;3 Don’t hunt for the glow my boi. Hello everyone, welcome to the stream! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day ;3 Just waiting until the server gets created. No, I’m not letting you join my team No, I didn’t change your name no I’m streaming What Am I supposed to create the server I this is so disorganized Time to see Hello Thomas, welcome to the stream. It’s nice to them home. Oh, I got additional.

Stop. Whoa This is not gonna be fun, I’m your shield, baby Just just waiting until the service created pause the stream I can’t make it It’s supposed to be straight his job, but he’s not doing it. At least I’m not sure what’s going on. I’m In your team and you’re what though you’re in your dangerous team, I thought you thought you heard mine I was hotel me with a team or when the server’s created, please Yeah, it was – Not really I don’t think so Well, yeah, it’s supposed to have your own Avicii if you want to but I don’t think anyone’s through that Doesn’t really like training and then that’s that’s full And I’m waiting, you know one day I feel like this is supposed to be the right job No It’s region us a classic on dust Who joined vici I’m doing pretty good.

Just waiting it to the servers creatively morning for about three minutes I’m just I’m gonna I’m gonna create it. I’ll be back You You know, I don’t think it was a good idea for me to create because now I’m not able to be a spectator I’m just gonna leave all wrong You There we go All right Up so far. The map is dust Map is dust its is it hacks versus?

easy Yeah, there’s supposed to be only one server and the map isn’t does two times – it’s supposed to be dust I Don’t know the map wasn’t dust three times – they even said it in that whatever I’m just waiting on – everything was done made only this is stupid This is what I mean by disorganized and yeah Angie’s over here like he’s like, but he called me a disorganized head ass Which I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean, but I don’t care I can’t even hear him awake you’re gay That that’s not how funny they Well, yeah, let me open up my invisible chat I have let me just do that real quick I Mean you can literally watch it here. Oh Wait, why can’t you telling all the dead I don’t know it all I worry order but I have no idea. I’m not even sure. What’s his what the other guy’s name is Andrew You Follow along I feel like it’d be better if they just want to be one this right now What do you think on this with my eyes to be able to be here or whoever team wins?

They get an extra point for the start since it is kind of like tide. I Feel like it’d be better if they both just wander to one this right now They’re both the same help and they both you know, it’s just one on one now Okay, okay that went down I guess they are the official I’m not sure what’s going on And yep, well, whatever we’re just gonna see how this goes out So it’s easy versus hacks. Let’s see how it goes and Donald Trump is apparently in the server, too And by what is he saying You guys cheated? He’s like you guys cheating no kill how Yeah, I never I never do the president plays block strike, oh Yeah, yeah Obama played like a husband now Donald Trump is playing but okay Kenny’s camping Oh At least it’s not technically telling you because you already know he was there so I Can’t really tell you what he’s doing.

Grant. Oh, yeah, so that’s up to you Did you die no, right the tentative us are currently going back there is The back of his spawn. He’s kind of lagging a shitstorm apparently going to the side Yeah, but you were kind of like stopping when you were walking Those campers though.

Yeah Alright toaster The adults we’re currently moving it through back he just did a giant a circle I mean you just I make sure another oh, oh did you? You know, this is stupid you got an advantage here and yet you somehow missed the kill Well, you still got it in the end Savage and Eddie currently having sex Eddie betrayed savage and Knight them in the ask Eddie currently got shot from the back by that nigger. I’m currently saying that name because I don’t go fuck Hey you x2 Lim and Donald Trump are currently having the best time of their lives Jumping back and forth on top of the boxes and the railing over the side Donald I’m currently moving in and he’s moving back towards the ramp Donald Trump currently trying to fit his dick inside the tire currently failing Honk oh my god fucking stuck behind that or whatever that barricade And Eddie apparently fucking admitting his love towards savage wolf and savage responding back with the heart Donald Trump and aox are currently trying to give each other messages for any sex or attachment to each other Ok Donald Trump betrayed a Oh, excellent like Eddie and Savage currently not a good relationship.

It’s pretty toxic to be honest with you Alright that nigga is Currently on a hundred how shooting nothing Donald Trump approaching that maybe he’s leaving I’m sick. Yeah They say I said, I don’t know You know our parents are just trying to make me fucking sick shit about this You see what’s going on here right you see what’s good here Oh, Donald Trump betrayed that nigger. Okay, Donald Trump currently. Okay.

Kenny is currently doing an Opie tactic here He’s definitely a FK. Okay. He’s moving in towards back of the spawn Now he’s almost close to back of red spawn Donald Trump currently Probably watching that Street knows where he is currently aiming at him. Nope. He’s just a retard When does one does done a champ started playing like? Yeah, why would why would Donald Trump play block show yeah I Thought it started right now, but apparently it didn’t this is a complete faith at all Kenny as in Donald Trump and okay, it’s tied now I guess it started Donald Trump is really Pro currently got three kills on his Haiti All right, we’re gonna watch the amazing savage currently got rusty and substitute now but he’s still using an 80 K even though he bet that it kinda sucks to Savage is currently afk a red spawn two faggots with the same skin are currently watching savage and he starts moving Lieutenant toasts are currently moving back as he sees that there is no point.

I’m trying to fight that since there’s already someone there He just currently camping two doors waiting for someone to come by so you can shoot him Hawkeye currently using on our 700 to speak at the back of red spawn Kenny is currently in battle kill toaster But Donald Trump got the kill on Kenny ass Don’t go in brewing through his bond and it seems like Donald Trump lost his savage as well Savage getting back his love for Eddie And killed Donald Trump Savage currently hiding behind a box while Hawkeyes won’t be thrown two doors from back Reflux and Eddie are currently going through doors taking advantage of the ramp by headglitching if they could and it will does they’re gay Fuck I currently movie new front north of a sniper spot, obviously But Eddie gets that kill with the Magnum Hawkeye suckin dick with our 702 Savage currently moving in from back towards ramp hiding behind the door Eddie currently going out with the boxes near but You know, I don’t know if I’m good at this or bad at this. What do you think toaster? Alright Eddie can I see savage on the ramps averaged running away cuz he knows he has no chance of trying to aim that Reflex, oh, yeah back of fuckin blue spawn Oh towards the side I said I currently trying to make an advantage by going through backs. No, he’s just going back to his spawn You know, I don’t feel like this is the real savage he sucks too much Yeah what I want like I seeing that the real savage would do something which is Though this side which is like the knock off friend you know how like some companies like when they start making toys and then there’s like that one like retarded version they accidentally make You know, I feel like he’s that kind of version where they tried to mix average and that’s 1w for blue team oh Yeah, definitely Alright, so just by moving forward with what is it called that knife Did the Falcon? Would toss are currently using FD he knows he sucks. So he tries to cut the side Making it doesn’t definitely never Kenny has currently mover to the side.

You know, I can’t really spend anything from that side cuz your BC toaster I just watch you Alright toaster currently camping back behind the box taking an advantage of those beautiful box By the way, fun fact toaster fucked this wall with a friend of ours named the Hyrule. He loved the wall so much Yeah, he impregnated that wall Toaster currently see someone and he fails to get a kill on Kenny ass, but they get a few damage on him Donald Trump is currently left alone to fight savage and savage gets a hit on Donald Trump with an ak-47 That’s another W for red team. That’s one-on-one This is this is Gabi. This is gonna be an hour. I know that for a fact All right toaster coming in Towards the back Probably most likely just gonna camp.

Oh Okay, how he’s a toaster is currently impregnating the wall as you can see he’s having so much fun He puts out his ak-47 gets ready for battle. Most likely have to start fucking the walk. Yeah, it’s all up to him Okay, the tiny toasts are currently imprinted another wall, it was a brick wall Bull toaster saw someone currently trying to run away cuz he sucks Toaster currently seems to be uh Tell us there’s too much of a retard to see a Oh, excellent right behind him. Donna trap currently got read by Kenny ass Who was left? Huh Very Pro, very pro All right blue team seems to be going a little bit down for their current lighting plays Okay, we start moving again Alright sugar and Eddie are currently left.

Ooh, Eddie fails to get killed on that nigger, but that nigger most likely is low Which he is it for the seventh house He needs one more headshot and a red team gets another W. That’s one and two That damn and I have to go into toaster again, okay toaster currently embedded in another wall at this time It’s yellow, but it’s not the yellow brick road. So it doesn’t run currently shooting at the wall. Probably cheated on him – hi Roo No one’s gonna know who Hyrule’s what it’s gonna be an inside joke Toaster currently not knowing what he’s doing jumps off the towards the spawn Toasted to get a kill on a Oh excellent Donald Trump currently saw that watched it and jerked off to it Tom leach I’m trying to get advantage by that and Donna Shawn gets a kill on a Oh Excellent that Nagar gets a double kill on Eddie and what’s-his-face.

I’m like, I didn’t see his name quick enough to be honest Donald Trump currently moving in with his Oh Donald Trump got a kill on that nigger Donald Trump can do this if he can solo this. So I always got a kill and I’m gonna miss my hold on You Toaster water suggested you used a school shooter gun, by the way, I Figure currently his own spawn going off The box is taking advantage of the back sided going through the doors heading over to blue spawn Most likely watching my stream where he is It’s going to be a one-on-one between savage and rigorous average currently a little Alf at 44 and figure out and 100. I Shouldn’t be working as this to be honest You All right Okay expected toaster again, since I can’t really say anything about red team okay toaster is currently impregnated in another wall Currently in frightening doesn’t say more just on a different side Tell us sir seems to have the score sheet of a gun stance of time And a Glock I Don’t know what he’s gonna lose that well for it to be honest. Alright Toaster currently is still camping with the school should we’re done taking advantage of anyone who comes by toaster going through the side and the doors Currently you try and get impregnated a wall got stubby chana tire for a little bit of seconds Toaster currently moving onto the back Hoping that there was someone there but there was it tell us or see someone behind the box currently spraying and praying Toaster missed every shot told us they’re currently using a Glock and dies by salvaged from an ak-47 Pack I currently moving forward from back all the way towards blue spawn Reflex currently at the same angle gets gangbanged by Savage and Hawkeye now.

It’s a war me one between Hawkeye Kaka and figure Park I had a clear advantage 100 health figure at 59 currently looking to see where he is Hawkeye still at Blue spawn Camping with his sniper. Of course his that’s the only places my Pitters to be Fragrant is going through the side of blue spawn Hawkeye still not know where he is. Both of them meet up.

Ooh Hard I got down to 56 health. Ok, this cometary guy has time and Hawkeye gets taking it down That’s another W for blue team. That’s three – Where’s toaster toaster currently still trying to fight another wall Toaster still using his – come on. I can’t see We’re toast apparently trying to creep I at someone currently impregnated another wall not knowing what he’s doing using an UMP as well as the Currently trying to get a shot off of a new that’s up there on the railing currently failing so terribly Blue member comes out of nowhere through the doors toaster still waiting for anyone to come through the door Donald Trump the best person on blue team is currently with what’s-his-face we’re here. You know, I can’t reflux Pop-up, right?

All right, hold on You Toaster currently sucking too much Dick using a number and I’m pretty sure he’s about to be the last member of life if he doesn’t do anything Donald Trump at a hundred health using a plane Delille Currently trying to climb out the boxes but sucks dick at it currently moving through bag That nigger is still at the exact same spot as he was every finna go That nigger currently sees the other fag and Donald Trump gets to kill Donald Trump the MVP of blue team toasters looking like a dickhead Not getting any kills at all. Most likely has desk that was Right toaster is currently doing a brawl and moving in towards the spine red spine Alright toaster is currently going through the fucking ramp impregnating the sign-off Okay, toaster just came all over the Toaster just came all over the ramp just was nice, but without any intention to kill It would be to be honest. Tell us are currently just I live around in the circle Try Oh without his a cake currently trying to pre-fire around the corner, but sucks Donna tronca killed by that nigga doesn’t think are currently moving through back Looking around just to see there aren’t any campers westerner or toaster got killed by Hawkeye Eddie killed Hawkeye as well. But no savage killed reflux cyrus Connie moving through back boy For a gray and savage kill each other reflux says I can’t see he might be black Okay, Eddie currently moved to the back Eddie’s soul Imola on this Eddie is currently gonna get a gangbang if another red team comes through that way which they might I Need to be a nurse if I think of what sports that I do life is fuck Eddie currently going in supply. I’m hoping that there would be anyone around there Kenny is going terribly moving up towards door that nigga currently with him as well It’s 2 d1 boys that Eddie currently moving through as well Kenny has at a clear disadvantage Eddie takes advantage of him being a retard Eddie currently moving into the danger zone If he doesn’t turn it on now and I think I chose Eddie gg another W for red team that’s currently for 3 They’ll give this beam Marco, that’s okay Tell us they’re currently humping against the dumpster obviously some pro plays here everything Okay, we’re not we’re gonna ignore the fact that he said that’s where my babies were born he’s finally moving forward with his ugly-ass Khalil skin that he probably got in the free case gently trying on a free fire Better free fire through the doors Generally decided beyond the box. Let’s see Kenny as currently just camp day waiting for anyone to come through there.

Yeah, that’s 1103 people war rushing through his blue spawn. Nothing are currently living enough to get any advantage frig rizal BIA sleeping to kill intuitive What is his name? Ah? Mark, I currently camping out his own spawn reflux are only moving up again after killing a Oh Excellent Eddie currently camping behind the door, which is obviously dumb Donald Trump currently trying to take advantage Kenny Yes, and they are currently in the same area Trager kills him from the side a guy gets a kill on Eddie Mark, I currently have a spa Donald I’m currently moving in to kill Kenny ass Donald Trump gets another kill on Kenny as Hawkeye and on the reflux and Donald Trump are the last one surviving I Hate my life, right Donald Trump and reflux a family danger. Shut up Angela are you laughing?

This is the hardest I ever heard you laugh I Don’t I’m currently moving through the side of völuspá currently sees Hawkeye Hawkeye gets the kill when Donald Trump Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be doing this. Okay Oh Take out his akt quickly and reflux hips to kill. It’s an LW for blue team apparently five and three You Alright boys, let’s see what’s going on. So Why currently moving in to kill Eddie Eddie dies along with Hawkeye Donald Trump currently moving in a Oh Axl Lim is a retard Let’s hope that okay. Don’t watch Tom gets a double kill on a oaks woman That nigger is Savage currently in the same area as Donald Trump Donald Trump currently, and I’m looking at where he was going the savage is currently trying to come up with boxes done Oh Donald Trump gets a sweet fucking kill on savage all he was going through good GG Donald Trump Donna Tom currently being the MVP of blue team, which is pretty surprised all Let’s see, what’s gonna go on here at this birthday toaster.

All right Chester, where are you? Toasters still impregnating the wall. Where is he?

Tell us sir, you’re hopeless. I Know Nate does it was very old toaster currently trying to move into the doors Hoping that no one would shoot him on his face. Uh He started to impregnate the door quickly getting a quickie off toaster gets a kill and Hawkeye but with his leg he managed to get it off Oh Toaster gets another care on Cyrus averages every turn He didn’t even know what he was going into toaster currently moving through doors making sure that no one is camping around their toast They’re currently whirring in through back of blue Doesn’t see anyone Donald Trump currently seized toaster. Donna Tom takes an advantage by jumping off and going to the side That nigger is currently at spawned sees lieutenant toaster lieutenant toaster. Is that our code of disadvantage if you get shot in the forehead?

Has he is low damage heard low half. I mean, oh my god toaster you’re terrible That nigger still at spawn camp a go die nigger cease toaster. He’s rating the door. Whoo Let’s see that reflect early.

Did we got a shot on that nigger still camping at spawn looking pathetic as fuck You folks still trying to free fire Eddie still not knowing where that everything is going on, obviously the screen as a fucking Gun shots aren’t signifying where he is lieutenant toaster running back going around the corner That nigger is just facing No one reloading is an ak-47 waiting for anyone to come up Platts currently meets up with toaster toaster gets taken down by Platts now. It’s oh wait Donna chime Steve splats Donna charm kills Platts take a breath Hey that nigger and Eddie are currently at a 1v1 Let’s see. That nigger is clearly at a disadvantage one shot with a magnum to the chest.

We’ll finish him off Hey my way can you shut up playful why Because this is my job now, I’m not getting paid enough Most likely $0 Zero those Oh Donna trump Carla moving in that nigger currently here by his location and Donald Trump gets the kill Donna jump always getting kills at the very end Trump clearly the MVP of lutein jontron coming strong with 16 kills and 7 – lieutenant toaster currently with 2 kills and 9 deaths Yeah, tell us they’re currently oh those are gonna kill on a oak slim using FD Congratulations toaster your first kill in a few years the time toaster sees someone through the doors yet fails to get a shot and tries to run away Platts and other Plants that nigger and Savage are currently nearby their spawn, which we should not say because toaster knows Toaster Carl. Are we still using his tech 9 enough T so us. They’re still trying to impregnate what’s his race reflux reflux Trying to run away from the pregnant process trigger gets a kill on savage. Danny toasts are still fuckin the doorway My sucks Santos are currently moving in through back doesn’t see anyone so far see someone Keep try to get the shot off. It misses the first shot on the nasty misses the second shot The toaster needs one shot to be able to kill him as long as he’s lucky enough and toaster gets the kill I bet he manages died.

Anyways, congratulations tell us where you got two kills his round Make sense. All right. I think I currently just go in here. They’re All right, lieutenant toasters still just staring at the beautiful wall says, excuse me Most likely trying to make a comeback ever said what said because I wasn’t like did you just touch me? Toaster was touched he feels offended because he is a natural-born feminist. He feels very threatened if someone goes to touch him Eddie is currently a retard doesn’t see all the people shooting at him and that he died through that nigger I know excellent using a our 700 I believe trying to get a scope off of anyone going through back reflux currently still trying to get someone off of the kill using his sense of time loadout, which is terrible by the way, if We play at this hour Reflux currently still trying to get at a fucking you pre fire off Hawk I get to kill with an hour 700 Reflux still doesn’t know what he’s doing using his a K or sense a time loadout.

Oh Wait, I saw a red team just pop up. I don’t know where behind him I think No, nevermind I’m just retarded Okay, I currently moving into the blue spawn well they added a door there’s that that’s weird Reflux at a killer on that nigger, but he is losing at 73 house refocus at double kill Hawkeye down Savage at 3400 feet manages to kill just both of them beside which I’m flat He has a chance with a excellent if he doesn’t take any damage Alright Platts currently with only seven health only needs one shot to die Let’s see if we flex in it Okay, ah has the ability to be able to kill him and clutch this round for his own team savage currently moving into blue spawn and flats currently still have the same area trying to wait for reflux reflux at a disadvantage Reflux gets killed by AOL in my attack none to the head. That’s another team for that. It’s no point for Red Team 8 and 4 Don’t want to kill myself so much All right.

Let’s see what toaster is doing currently at the moment toaster is China and pregnant little corner again Our home toaster is part of his life because he is doing this in my own vc. I Feel like you would Write toaster currently doesn’t know what’s going on I see you staying in spawn for about a few seconds toaster looking through the area where reflux was shooting at? flats currently moving up toaster gets killed by a platform a head shot through there a k37 a 47 But it’s currently moving back to avoid getting shot in the face Hawkeye currently moving in What’s his face? Okay, you remember all these faggots names? All right leaflets currently trying to shoo it with someone nightmare I got a kill on fucking flats. Bullet Hawkeye gets the kill on nightmare You know, I could just look at these to be honest with you does is the Campanian?

Ooh? Reflux gets a prediction off Hawkeye from jumping out of it side And that’s another point for blue team that he gets last kill on savage. That’s nine for blue team and four for red team All right, where’s toaster? toaster currently afk Most likely talking to his mom telling him to make food for him or his grandmother. Either way. It could be one or the other Be honest, I don’t know what toasters doing anymore.

Okay. Toaster says beep you piece of shit I will be your family. We can only assume he’s talking about nice things currently because this is This is for kids Just ignore the fact that I did say nigger a lot and Donald Trump is a part of the stream as well Haka currently around the corner. Just waiting for anyone to peek out or he’s either afk Either one works a osom jumps our jumps out the fucking dog writer gets there on a Oh, excellent, you know I should get paid for this How do you think were fucking announcers do this by the way, this is too terrible John a toaster currently going off the boxes Let’s see if he could get a kill on this one individual and he does so it goes down to lieutenant toaster surprisingly Let’s see what their ping is It’s not really that bad to be honest.

I can’t lie. At least it’s not all over 200. All right I’m working a little determinant.

Okay, lieutenant toaster currently impregnated the war that he did get that w-4 His team is also currently victory. Okay toaster calls it the victory flag. We’re just going to assume that it’s probably good So it’s they’re currently trying to impregnate the wall again We can only assume that this is a very Very strategic tactic for him to be able to gain the ability to kill all of red team which probably isn’t the case But we can only assume that for now as the time being This commentary is hilarious. Thank you. Thank you probable for the nice comment as you are a dick still Okay, did that tell us are still trying to get a kill through doors?

The talks are currently moving in trying to get a pre fire off Those are not seeing the obvious danger around that door if he does I don’t even think they Oh Flats gets a kill on lieutenant toaster flats moving in towards red base Alright I Gotta sleep after this match gets June guys. Thank you. Good have a very good night Reflux that’s a kill on savage using ak-47 to the head reflux currently behind the barrel trying to avoid getting shot Nightmare and fridge are still in the same area Hawkeyes currently moving in towards a blue base Flats currently moving in towards blue guys from the front as well currently still camping through double doors reflux still waiting all across the doors ready for me to come by fritter currently using his ak-47 retro wave skin Which is a I’m kind of iffy about but you know we can’t talk about there and Hawkeye is still trying to wait for anyone going through the door sees someone tries to get a kill off of them and Hawkeye gets A kill on nightmare.

It’s only a nightmare nightmare, so I figure And figure okay. I need I need to beat my sisters. I’ll be right back. The red team gets another W That’s a five. He five points for red team and ten points for blue team You All right, I’m currently done beating my sisters We’re currently receive red team. All of them are in the same exact spot Currently still trying to get kills Eddie gets us kill on a Oh Excellent flats currently still waiting at the back of red spot to be able to kill people that Eiger is still around the corner I’m not to be honest.

This is like my first time I’ve ever done this type of shit All right, Eddie currently moving in towards Reds base. Probably saw someone Lulla tenet also gets a kill on a hawk. I see someone jumping down. Let’s see if the net services I can’t get this kill the 10 trucks are currently trying to pre-fire to see if anyone is gonna come up there But obviously there wasn’t anyone coming up there that’s currently moving in through doors Toaster currently trying to take advantage of this information just told him but he gets killed anyways Because he’s a retard trying to pregnant the wall. That’s currently hides behind the fucking what did it what is this thing called? Blue pee blue giant piece of shit Colonel Choudhry live is a case.

I was trying to get a kill off of someone nightmare I got a kill on that nigger It’s I would get to kill it all night now because he’s a retard Eddie currently moving in through doors And I have to be my sister’s again All right, my sisters are currently bleeding Okay, let’s see Eddie is currently outdoors Savage and Platts are still alive currently at a disadvantage for Eddie as it is a 2v1 so I was currently the only solo Eddie currently going through the doors as well waiting for someone to pop out Platts is still at His own spawn trying to camp by the sniper in the spot. So I was currently moving in towards doors Eddie currently sees him as well tries to get a pre-fire off and Savage is down for the count Hey Eddie, currently going strong with a hundred hell If not getting shot yet flats is currently I can’t even see Platts is currently I had 100 health as well Never tell him to kick celeb. No Class is currently moving in towards Eddie and Eddie gets the kill off of flats. Good game Eddie. You you win this Even okay Eddie is currently at the top of his team Did donor chump leave?

Yeah, he left that they achieving The tenants officer leaves and disconnects the server embark currently joins taking toasters spot. Oh I burped Well this time I would inspect everyone and not just he is just for not cheating purposes, you know Savage got to his fucking kills on ah, ah I got a double kill with his ak-47 and Eddie got taking about Hawkeye before dark. I even took him out Nightmare currently moving in through the back of spawn the blue spider flats currently. Yeah back of a blue spiders out Ah, I’m terrible at this. I need a drink water shouldn’t I use it above from the user? Apparently yeah, I think I should talking like this very quickly is terrible especially to someone like me to be honest alright, someone is head glitching a work slim using his ARR 700 trying to get a kill on nightmare nightmare currently not up with that I really trying to see if anyone’s coming to decide a orcs lonely move towards the side of the railing and Nightmare gets a clean shot towards a yard slim with the deagle good game eight nightmare Hey slim.

Was it in my future? Oh, yeah My my currently still at blue side savage currently sees him most likely goes to tried to make an advantage by going to what decide Claude sits still trying to get a pre-fire off yet feeling terribly Oh Nightmare gets a killer on Platts button I per is ready louis, I which can get an advantage here if he’s able to kill him and Savage gets the W for his team that six points for red team and 11 points for blue team Why are we achieving? She not available, actually, I don’t care whatever you know, like Let’s go if I hope you see you in the battle Well, there is a commentator so far I’m not I really am not As we currently see savage currently lagging towards the side savage finally moving in towards blue side trying to get into the pre-fire off But there is no one waiting for him You’re only looking three times getting another pre-fire, but there’s still no one at blue side Eddy is camping behind a box waiting for anyone to come by right side We see Hawkeye trying to move in towards the doors nightmare gets a kill off of savage with an ak-47 to the head Okay Currently in serious danger as fritter is getting a lot of shots off of him with his ak-47 And figure gets the kill on Hawkeye after camping around the corner so that Nagar is still at his own spawn Nightmares, hopefully, he sees them trying to get an advantage off of this And he currently moving in towards back of red lieutenant Toaster joined back the server good job toaster we fucked when I get a pre fire off of nightmare filling her fridge, er Who already got a nice head shot off of that nigger another W for blue team that’s fucking twelve and six There spectating all right because then we’re not on any teams to be honest, right? Currently viewing on Eddie trying to take advantage of being there at first that their worst so that no one goes through blue fuck certainly Trying to pre fire anyone that comes by nightmare see someone and I think it takes out nightmare I think I currently moves back to reload is a cake early turn away for anyone who comes by Eddy gets a kill on Hawkeye with A second 47 Eddy is gonna take advantage of this particular moment to get two kills right now Seems like the fucking what is his face? Oh that nigger gets fucking taken down cuz he’s so much of a fucking retards Look at his back.

You know what? I hate my job, you know It’s currently moving at the back of the red side and blue team gets another W My frames per second currently dropping because there’s fucking too much gay shit going on. I Hate betta Hey as spectators we don’t have any comments on who is trash or not We’re not relying on any other team like we’re supposed to be we’re supposed We’re not supposed to pick a specific person or we’re supposed to trash talk to anyone But as I I’m trash-talking, but I really don’t know how good they are But I’m me That nigger and Hawkeye currently still just camping at their own base hoping for anyone to come by fritter gets a kill on savage With his ak-47 figure currently moving in towards red side currently fails to go off the fucking dumpster Starts moving in towards red side sees most likely Hawkeye Yep, it’s Hawkeye.

Are they trying to get a kill in Concord gets a kill on figure with his decoy his own spawn He’s a gay faggot But I don’t like I could do anything about it Okay I’m getting frame jobs because block strike is gay and he currently moving in toward red spawn currently saw him going to the corner and Eddy kills Hawkeye with his ak-47 what’s currently moving in towards back of red that nigga currently living in? plat skills Eddie with a deagle headshot Nightmare currently and back in but still at the same area reflux still didn’t already clear disadvantage At this particular moment as he can get shot pretty easily his teammate on the other hand aim but currently is moving in while using his own team it as a distraction anybody gets a kill on Platts and That nigger kills aim, but sadly and but they didn’t go out. So well that nigger and Reflex are currently on a 1v1 and that nigger gets the kill now it’s only a 1v1 now nightmare and that nigga are currently the last one a Lot of people standing that nigger currently at a disadvantage at 44 health and nightmare at 100 health as well nightmare currently moving in towards the Nightmares just standing at his blue sky, nothing apparently still staying at his own spawn making sure that he doesn’t get killed You should put this to you might have to 30-second delay I should Lay my Crowley moving in towards the doors that still staying at his bond Spawn hoping that anyone would come by and if that nigga is still watching my stream that he should know where he is Which I don’t think so. I don’t think anyone’s watching my stream to be honest with you that They’re currently still trying to stay at this mod I know you’re currently a little bit like a nightmare sees that liquor and that era gets a kill on That nigga to make a foursome toward the head That’s fourteen points for blue team and six points for red It’s 14 since one-on-one was actually tied well, fuck you bitch Hold on let me see when I’m available Cortana what on Black It doesn’t match. I don’t think I’m available right now. All right, I’m not gonna Flats are the clear disadvantage And that nigger is still out of this vintage as well plats gets a kill on Eddie with a hundred health still.

Oh Fuck it’s another killer nightmare getting a double kill at the same time Let’s see what he’s gonna be up to now rigor. Still trying to get a kill on. What is his name? Who’s trying to kill on no one and a pre-fire that’s got another kill on Reflux what those are 700 and writing get 2w at seven points Alright, let’s see I currently take advantage by being a first up doors currently It doesn’t see anyone but most likely trying to free fire Hawkeye gets a kill on aimbot for being a retard With the r700 and he gets a kill on Hawkeye as well using an AWP Which is really the most unused weapon out there out of all the three snipers, which is FD and r700 Sadly AWP doesn’t get that much love Reflux is currently moving through the side Trying to take advantage of anyone who’s trying to camp up there Platts gets a kill on Frager using his deagle That’s still charring the camp at his own spawn plants currently living at back making sure that no one is going to go in Ambush, I’m currently jumping down and taking advantage of this to leave Refik currently well reflux entity currently taking advantage of being far away so they don’t get cured Currently moving in to see if he runs away. Eddy most likely knows where he is If you can predict this tries to get a shot off of Platts but misses terribly Eddy is still trying to get a kill walk with him nightmare currently moving in towards blue Back of blue spawn, but that’s kinda moving in as well They’re gonna most likely meet each other up and Platts gets another kill on nightmare that’s currently carrying his own team at this point, but I was doing a 1b for currently winning Let’s see if he’s gonna win this toe. So what do you think Justin?

What are your opinions? Do you think class is gonna win this? Any implants are currently meeting up with each other ready. He’s still trying to get a shot off of him with his Magnum Reflux doesn’t know where he is, but it’s currently moving around the corner to see where he is now Oh fuck that’s a killer on Eddie But reflux sadly killed him making it sad GG though flats did do a lot of work for his own team to be able to gain the w GG though Who covers their words not me? Yeah, if your team loses you are knocked out of the tournament in total the winning team gets $50 in total, but all of that $50 will be split to all the five players that are and did participate in the initial war Part, I got a kill off a frigate using his deagle.

There was a head shot Whoo, that’s got to kill on aim by using his r700 and but obviously having a clear disadvantage not knowing what he’s doing aim But is currently named aimbot. Yeah, his aim sucks more trash than toasters Savage currently sees What’s-his-face. Well Savage kills any with a folky on to the head sadly. He was not smart enough to luck all around his area That’s 15 points for blue team at 8 points for red And Toaster is not a same bought toaster. What does he look like? You know, it’s aimbot still trying to get a kill offer with this FD reflux kills savage on the side Which kills Eddie that’s a revenge kill someone try Opening once all that just a random faggot that you try to jump up and kill people.

He was currently jumping down towards blue So I’m trying to get a kill from anyone who’s trying to approach your fuck still currently moving at same side she would he got no one I Currently have Hiccups are most likely I’m gonna kill myself after this because my arms really do hurt from holding my phone like this I’m a piece of shit Hawkeye gets a kill on and by using his arson have are currently sucking so much dick than toaster I seems like a invite is way worse than toast here, which is pretty surprising in my case Am bot just cause someone’s dick long Hawkeye still in his blue spawn Reflux still trying to take advantage behind the box further still moving up towards red spawn to see if he’s there camping again Hawkeye moving towards doors to make sure that no one is gonna take advantage of the side Tell us sir to leave because their teammate can’t join Yeah, looks like it stuff better though toaster did leave I Set the delay for like a very long time for the Exchange for video quality. I believe how guy still trying to get a shot off of anyone who’s approaching reflux still trying to get a pre firing off of anyone who’s trying to camp over their figure and Reflux are still in the same area chronic I still waiting for anyone trying to come around the corner Hawkeye sees What’s-his-face fritter and Hawkeye kills figure with a deagle – most likely the body or penis area Reflux still trying to get a kill with his ugly tec-9 skin Hawkeye still trying to get a kill with his r700 If he fails to get a kill he misses a lot of shots know this Oh Monica has to reload his r700 before he starts shooting again as r700 does have only four bullets with the Least amount of you have to get kills Hawkeye currently just camping around Waiting to see if he’s going to take advantage to move in forward to think that he actually moved their doors Currently houses deagle are ready to shoot at will reflect currently moving in Trying to pre-fire anyone who reflux taking a little bit of precaution making sure that no one is gonna be around the corner Reflux is too much of a retard fails to see caca Hawkeye moves in Hawkeye misses so many shots Reflux that sees that he’s there as Hawkeye is a retard fails to get a kill and reflux gets The W for his own team. That’s 16 points for blue team and eight points for Red Team.

I Hate my life, I Have no idea They joined by the way Platts currently this connected firm Red Team for some unknown reason Hawkeye still can’t forget his own base these people tries to shoot him with the deagle Chars failed miserably Hawkeye has a clear disadvantage and forgets the kill on Hawkeye using his ak-47 to the head Because what’s-his-face left flats, there might be a clear disadvantage for right now. There’s 17 points for blue team and 8 points for red still No There’s 48 people in watching this tree Alright that nigger currently moving for this chat is cancer. Please kill me are you currently using this awp to get a kill Hawkeye gets a clear advantage using the R700 gets an immediate kill on Eddy currently getting a frame job cuz blocks Erick is too gay Hawkeye currently sees someone through the door trying to get a free flyer off of a car guy gets a kill on fritter still camping At his own spawn. That’s pretty pathetic.

To be honest with you Hawkeye Got a kill on a by Hawkeye so far got three kills me about currently calling him laughing my fucking ass off camper Flat still got a kill on what’s-his-face within our 700 that Nagar currently still camping behind the box hoping for the best And I think are currently moving through back Hawkeye currently moving through doors Kenny is still just on the box looking like a retard flat still at spawn and reflux Still trying to get a kill around the corner fluffs reflux got amazing head shots on Platts Reflux hernia moving towards his blue spawn. There was a red person named Dan They are still moving it and Hawkeye manages to get the kill on reflux sudden life for reflux Blue team is cheating All right, Hawkeye trying to get a kill on most likely Eddie and he’s moving in towards the back Hoping to see if he could get a kill with his Magnum by this way Senpai who’s the MVP MVP of blue team currently is Eddie level 129 with 22 kills and 20. Holy shit Hawkeye currently at 27 kills in 21 deaths with 89 pink currently seems like his team isn’t doing so well as a PETA streamer All right, Eddie currently moving through the doors I’m hoping that no one who’s gonna shoot him in the forehead a mark removing the back of red Platt still his own spawn Hawkeye moving towards blue side see someone immediately tries to whip on his r700 to get a kill Kenny has gets a double kill with his ak-47 Tries to get a triple kill and he manages to get a triple kill but gets killed in the process That’s good game for Kenny ass it’s only Platts and Hawkeye versus reflux reflux can try to get this clutch pulled off Ok currently reloading some 100 reflux trying to get a free fly off of a second time ok current reflect earn the moving out of his Position trying to move towards blue sponsored you get a better advantage fact Wow That’s currently trying to move into him as well. Hawkeye currently moving forward and reflux reflux It’s currently at a very big disadvantage He can be surrounded nvm flat is a retard Kailua Ford by archite currently moving on top of the railing. Ooh Hawkeye got an immediate headshot on reflex And that’s the W for Red Team If red team can pull off this clutch to make sure that hit their team can win. This will be pretty exciting toaster Your pitch What’s that like Alright three people from blue team are currently rushing to the front Sturridge is currently afk Currently talking in our gay language that we can’t decipher right now as it is too gay for us So it’s still trying to shoot someone from the back The comeback is real most likely not we see one of the blue members currently humping the trash garbage fucking whatever it is It’s called dumpster I’m currently you have to meet my sisters again We’re a team is Carly big clutch toaster getting three points out of gluten getting none for the entire three rounds Can Bret team really clutched this wind though?

This will be a very good tale to say the Platts is currently trying to type a message out to his team Most likely but looking at the world most likely gonna say something That they are currently still with his entire team still camping doesn’t know what he’s done and kenia’s is currently moving in Trying to get a kill off of anyone He sees Kenney s does get a kill on nightmare, but nightmare does it does get a kill on him first? They’re currently moving in towards what’s-his-face Hawk like Hawkeye currently running away like a little bitch He is Hawkeye still running away towards his teammate currently camping at his own spawn ready Still trying to make sure that they don’t wanders around the fritter Still moving out reflux is the only person that seems like he’s trying to make an approach to kill these fuckers Polad to get the kill on reflux Eddie trying to get a kill from the side flats and Hawkeye trying to get a kill along fucking Paddy, he’s still using his amazing. Ak-47 skin. He has Pepa the frog has a sticker Flaps reloading his dqo making sure that no one is gonna stop him from making that one last Eagle fucking shot finger Colonel I’m living into a back of spawn Hawkeye currently fails to get the kill Floris Figure fails to get a kill on Hawkeye using his ak-47 that’s gg4 trigger That’s sad to be honest Hawkeye currently at 13 health and Platts at 59 if Eddie can manage to get at least one CH With his ak-47 on either one He’s gonna be able to move his forward on to 19 points making it one more points of victory Eddie currently doesn’t know where they are pleasantly camping at the king ramp market currently moving towards a spawn Eddie currently doesn’t see where they are currently trying to see if they’re gonna go. They’re gonna go back of his spawn It’s not puppy Flats currently moving forward towards doors doesn’t see anyone tries to move back so he could can’t through the doors Hawkeye currently trying to see where his teammate is he found them and he knows that that area should be secured if he’s taking care Of it and he’s still I hit that their spawn trying to wait for them to move forward But obviously it seems like that’s gonna be a field effort as they won’t go any further that spawn That’s currently still trying to get a scope off of anyway that have come through Doors Hawkeye currently looking at the side Eddie and a clear disadvantage here It’s one shot to be able to win this round for his own team and he currently trying to make a black father move trying to make sure that he has the bigger advantage here so he doesn’t get killed immediately Polat’s currently moving in Eddie seems to be a clear disadvantage here if he manages to get at least one shot on both people He’s gonna be able to move his team forward hawkeye disconnects for whatever reason now Hawkeye only has to worry about Platts Which is about 59 HP.

He only needs one headshot to be able to win this round for his own team And he fails to get the kill flats currently trying to use his r700 to clear advantage and he currently stars reloading his ak-47 Low late, and he says Lowell HP flats currently at 12 HP Flats is 200 And you’re currently moving into the side flats currently moving back out towards the doors to make sure that Eddie doesn’t make Oh Eddie seems to be trying to predict this Eddie could get this kill Eddie gets the kill that’s 19 or 18 points for blue team one more point and blue team moves on to Be one of the other teams who wins this game The tournament will move on will most likely t and what is this team easy? hopefully What is this angel 1337 and what is this one, which is that nigga currently moving in with his hunting knife Which I believe are a bowie whichever one. I don’t care.

Okay, I trying to cancer the doors Make sure that no one’s going to go through their plots still going up back with this My per seems like red team is at a big very big Advantage with only one of their teammates at lo how reef Oaks takes care of savage using take a forty seven to the head Eddie currently trying to make advantage of the double doors that bigger still it’s still in between where he wants to go trying to way and Camp Ralph or anyone who’s trying to go through the refocus currently switched his ak-47 41 towards is a K 47 with the same with what the same skin like I currently trying to move to hordes of doors making sure that no one’s around the corner to kill him flats gets a he Doesn’t manage to get the kill off of anyway, that’s where was the door? Who’s this? Via Fox currently doesn’t know what’s going on behind and refocus gets the kill horn honking But if he’s able to turn around quick enough, you’ll be able to see his own right into his face You can win the stuff for his teammates if he manages to get this. Ooh Platts gets a kill on Eddie reflux doesn’t know what’s going on. Still Kevin behind the door Well before the best plats gets a kill all reflux Kenny has currently moving in towards the back a Bot still at the railing where he could cap on anyone who trying to go through flats knows better, and he’s going towards blue spawn Kenny asked also following him aim, but still using his aka 9k R700 trying to get advantage of where his teammates are or where the enemy team is coming from It’s just two against one Amba with a declared advantage from long distance and health wise Kenny has 54 health currently doing Ok currently being a retard Plats has enough fucking off our 700 as well currently just waiting for his teammate to show up at any moment Trying to get an advantage of this Kenny S and Platts could be in a voice Channel right now Platts is a retard Impa gets the kill Kenny s is left with only aim bot and Blue team wins this congratulations team easy you won this round they’ll be moving on to the finale or the finals with the rest of the other people who won gg I Need I need a better life.

I really do Alright toaster any final thoughts of this war if you’re still here Alright Ulster obviously died water. Are you still here? Even though you kinda messed it up for them fell upon lucky rounds Yeah, cuz you obviously wanted you obviously thought that molesting walls was the best the best approach here Yeah, obviously molesting boys was the best approach for you here good Oh Congratulations easy you will be moving on to the finals between Your most likely be paired up against what’s their face team?

Forget? Yeah team baguette Another low he got skills. Yeah. He obviously has a lot of skill Any of your final thoughts toaster, is that about it For them why not. Would you like to give your opinion on this?

So mean, what about you water since you are still in VC, what do you think about this war? What is your opinion? All right, we’re just gonna assume water does it died Malik what is your opinion on this war?

All right, oh we’re gonna add this stream as we have nothing else to Provide anyone there will be another word tomorrow at 12 p.m. Eastern Time Which right now is about 6 o 6 p.m. So in about another I’d say about 18 hours or is that 18 hours? Yeah, 18 hours. There will be another war Let me try to see what the war will be with Alright, let’s see there will be a war tomorrow at 12 p.m. U.s. Eastern time at with against TD Versus TP. That would be a pretty amazing war that I’d like to see myself obviously and We’re still trying to decide what my team should go against as I feel like if my team were one of the last teams alive With a half a steam which his team is. Yes, I’d feel like intial or it’d be a very big like conclusion to this tournament Thank you guys for watching if you feel like you want to subscribe you can I have been joined by toaster?

Malik and water obviously this tournament was set up by Andrew and what’s-his-face strays You can subscribe to them if I put their link in the channel and there In the description down below. Thank you guys for joining the livestream and I hope to see you tomorrow at 12 p.m Eastern Time, which will be in 16 hours. I love this tournament on vs. Thank you If you like my commentating just just leave a comment on the lysine that I will be into a video sooner or later This is the most stressful day I ever had in my life as I had to do two of these Earlier I had to do another one. It wasn’t as intense as this but then this one is more intense than the previous one No, but I can’t like some sighs man Thank you so much for joining my last room thank you for always new subscribers and I’ll see you guys in the next lesson I love you all and goodbye Fuck I missed the fucking stop one.

I hate you toaster fuck