Hello! With you as always forkmen, the channel is almost 200 thousand subscribers, and then it’s time to do what you so long we requested. Make HiTs Molecular this game I beg besschislennoe the number of people.

Past issues raised quite a few views, and that’s why I put this column questioned and I am not sure that it will continue, so if want to see a review on some Bullet Force or something like that, then right Now your tyknite Like, you it will only take a second, and I will leave pleasant emotions. And in honor of two hundred thousand I will compete for subscribers some CS: GO, you can simply click Like, leave a comment and you enter a contest on CS: GO, so do not delay. And we start. WELL? YOU ARE READY? Today, on a review of the game Modern Strike Online and you know me very amused by such titles games, see for yourself.

MODERN STRIKE ONLINE Modern assalaut multiplayer Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS Modern Combat 4, 3, 2, 1 Fuck, how much time they had so much to rivet similar projects? And anyway, it’s paid games in which there is Donat. Gameloft, you’re quite there ohueli? I certainly understand that you You are doing pretty good games, but that so often rivet the same type of game – this is very funny. Okay, We passed. In We have the same game on a review does from another studio, called this studio Game development ltd. And that unconditional ocheen Ocheen originality.

-Hey, man, we need to do a development company mobile games, as if it called? – Razrabotka..igry .. Here it is difficult to come up with something the original – Oh, right, so let’s fuck and call GAME DEVELOPMENT LTD, and Why the fuck not? – Great idea, man! Send snorting coke with boobs the whores, and then washed down next game cocks?

– Lets do it! I think about, and passed developers meeting when they created this company. The game itself is Modern Strike Online, swear God, if I once again utter tseliokm its name, the I certainly call Satan. So, the game itself is pretty popular, more than 500 thousand Assessments, it is not even download, this evaluation! Downloads think twice two more. So whether the game deserves such popularity?

I I do not know, now established this .. this .. and definitely a masterpiece I will say their verdict in the end. Oh Yes, every cock that will whining in the comments saying this not a clone CS: Go, and everything just banal read the description games, which reads: Do you like the good old dissent? Good news!

Modern Strike Online redefines an online shooter games on Android! Rate Soul Plane and schedule dynamic team gameplay: armed opposition elite units SWAT begins in your mobile! And right next to the description Developers have openly cheat! They supposedly written === Features === ★★★ 100% CS maps ★★★ Ie it is 100% the very same card, but the line below They write that “12 game maps, many of which remind maps of CS! ”

itself is created For SEO optimization, but it still quite arrogant course. Something I do zapizdelsya, let’s have the game itself though run. It started and I I can say for the first feelings?

BOREDOM Donat And once again BOREDOM In this review is completed, Thank you all for your attention, till. Heh, you do not wilt, do you? Well, in general after starting game you shove in training and immediately I was struck by the excellent graphic component games. It is made by 5-plus points!

Control me too much immediately liked it convenient and because you do not moron with avtopritsel, while shooting begins when pointing the enemy itself and quickly. I finished training and game just give me nebolshub award and makes buy one of the guns, it’s not me I liked it, I understand that is to show the mechanics. BUT I’m playing these games I do not spend money almost never, or rather in-game currency, because I understand how difficult it will get afterwards. After I played one round and I liked game, I just poked person in Donat, premium and cases. What have I sinned developers fucking?

And yet the gun here to give 1-2-3 days, ie as a system in all sorts of Korean vysery to hack loot with schoolchildren. But these are quibbles, because the game still gives any awards and more. Plus there are daily gifts, Free cases, the reward after the games and stuff. Like the system of that when you open a free of the case you just show advertising and provide open case – it’s pretty cool. There is a real customization and the whole game after a couple of matches I began to remind me .. battelfild.

Well, seriously, do not they similar? Write in the notes attached Does this game remind your battles – remind me personally. What about cards though we NAPIZDELI. Almost all of them are not like not like a map of CS: GO, card port I do It reminded ugly Warface, which for me personally is not permissible. In general, the game I like and yes, as I said it It reminded me battelfild. Not just battelfild, but rather Battlefield: Bad Company 2, I do not know why, but I there was a clear association.

In general, talking about this I can play a long time, but I will say that it is done well, Donut are not so fuck, ah yes, cheaters! Bled cheaters (read how fucking, but only with D and without soft) They are here .. have on YouTube I found a couple of videos with cheats, not even a couple, but rather a lot of. But it is everywhere, but if we talk about emulators – then they almost do not help, playing with the phone and emulyatoar – equally comfortable and I say thanks to the developers for that. To have to get used to the interface, as well as a whole – not bad. If you liked this video, please tyknite Like, subscribe to a channel and do not leave zabyayte comments to get ks th, and in the store extra-steam.ru CS: GO can be bought for 99 rubles, the reference in the description.

All good and Till.