Traveling In The Air.

Whenever I’m traveling I get a sense of joy just from the experience of the world in front of my eyes. My favorite ways of traveling are by airplane, and train, any other way is just too long and I simply don’t have enough patience for it at all. Throughout all my experiences traveling my worst experience was definitely when I decided to travel by bus. It was a truly uncomfortable 24 hour ride which I couldn’t
even sleep in because of the uncomfortable chairs. The
waiting was probably the biggest problem due to the fact between each transfer it took about 2 hours to wait. Anyways it’s just some of the disadvantaged route you would have to take if you lack the proper amount of funds to travel in air.


Traveling by air is the quickest and fastest way to travel, it doesn’t take long and is quite comfortable compared to a bus or car ride. Tickets can get up there in terms of price but theres access to a lot of discounts throughout the internet. Traveling in the same country is fun but the ultimate traveling goal for most backpackers is oversea’s. Traveling in different country’s is something everybody should experience and will clear your head and outcome on life when seeing the living conditions of many different ethnicities. Some country’s are poorer when it comes to their daily life.

When I first traveled to Africa it was blessing to see and help kids in need. My goal when traveling is always to meet new people and once I was in Africa I become attracted to the environment and numerous villages. Staying inAfrica was probably my favorite country, I flew in my first airplane with a pilot that I met at a bar one day. He invited me to come check out his airbase and I agreed. He showed me the extensive amount of airplanes he was working on including upcoming projects, his hangar was filled with interesting memorabilia. He then invited me to go with him on a trip to Mozambique a little small resorted island within Africa. We left the next morning and got in his customized airplane. He had some great aviation airplane headset review of all the headsets he used decades ago till now. Once we got to the island we met up with most of his friends who lived on the island. I met a lot of beautiful black women that week and had a wonderful exciting time.

Just this experience alone opened my eyes up to a whole new world I never imagined. Stories like this are tales for a lifetime that you can discuss and share with family. it’s good for the soul and helped me in a positive way. Just go out and do what you want and don’t let anybody stop you!

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